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Meet your friendly, patient, female driving instructor to learn how to drive smart. Whether it’s your very first time to learn driving or you just want to enhance your driving, Skill on wheels is always here to help you with superlative service. At Skill on wheels driving school, you’ll learn more than simply how to drive. Comprehensive philosophy turns into courses that put emphasis on assisting you to learn more than simply controlling your car. Learn how to be an alert, active driver who can instantly respond to the traffic situations around you. Join hands with a welcoming driving instructor who is dedicated to exploring the driving courses that are right for you. 

Skill on wheels has set the standards quite high and aspires to give the most reliable and professional service in Melbourne Australia. The main purpose is to focus on you and ensuring you make the best out of your driving practice. 

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Skill on Wheels Guidance

Expert Guidance

Here at Skill on wheels, you will get a chance to connect with the best driving instructor in Melbourne who will teach you advanced driving skills like reverse parallel parking.

Skill on Wheels Drive Test

Drive Test

Drive test papers used, similar to the VIC roads driving test criteria. The main purpose of conducting a test is to give you a Fail or Pass and tips on how to improve so you can easily pass your driving test. It’s important to pass each step of the test if you truly want to be a smart driver out there.

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With Skill on wheel's female driving instructor, you can begin your journey to become an independent driver with the right guidance and support from your first lesson. Focusing on the key aspects of your driving is done so that you can bring the best outputs and enjoy the enduring benefits. Let the best driving instructor available here to help you assist with the whole procedure and avoid unwanted trouble. Get personalized driving lessons focusing on the areas that matter the most.