About us

FOUNDER - Skill ON Wheels

Are you ready to be a master of the road? If yes, then Skill On Wheels is giving an amazing opportunity to the people who wish to learn driving. I have been operating the driving school more than 14 years. Customer satisfaction is my first priority. 

As one of the few female driving instructors in Melbourne Australia, it is my duty to ensure that I break down the myth that women can’t drive as well as men. After being registered and licensed from every regulatory body, I started driving school in order to help every citizen of my city to master driving. Protected by the Australian and Victorian Law, it is my responsibility that I keep my clients safe during the learning process and support them in every possible way.

My Mission

From the start, I had a strong zeal to become the best driving instructor. This simply means that I had to become a PRO in teaching and use the best techniques. By creating a scenario where the students will enjoy driving and learn the value of safety, I have achieved my mission.

My Vision

Every person envisions that they will become the best in whatever they do. For me, the field has always been driving and that’s why I became a driving instructor. Now, I want to reach all people in Melbourne and teach them to drive by using the latest driving resources at affordable prices. One day, I hope that we all will consider our safety firsthand and there will be no accidents while driving.

Skill On Wheels Team

Don’t worry; it is not just me who will be handling all the classes throughout the day. We have a team of driving instructors who will handle the tasks collectively. The learning process is different for everyone. And we believe that every person has their own preferences. So, if you are not comfortable with the instructor we appointed, then you can choose the person you want to learn from. From female driving instructors to bilingual instructors, we can fulfill all your needs.

Your Training, Our Goal!!

To become the best driving school in Melbourne Australia, we have to deliver the best results in terms of safety, training, guidance, and tests. Some people can drive well, but they get nervous during driving tests and fail abruptly. So, we make sure that your learning process also gives you confidence while driving. 

No more failing Vicroads driving test as we prepare you to drive on your own. 

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